Thursday, March 22, 2018

Matzah Cover a la Adva


3 pocket Matzah cover for Passover with Selvage Edge applique and hand embroidered blanket stitch. Completed Mar 21, 2018.  Size 10" x 11"

This piece was made for the week 6 challenge in Project Quilting season 9 - Scraptastic

The challenge requirement was to use at least 12 different fabrics in a project.  I wanted a new Matzah Cover for our family seder next weekend.  In selecting fabric I might use to create it, I noticed a fun selvage edge on one piece, and remembered that my friend Adva would want that edge when I cut it off.  Quilters don't typically use the selvage edge because it is woven more densely to hold the fabric during the printing/dying process.  Here is an image of a typical selvage edge - the bit with the colored dots.  And yes, that is Pigs Flying fabric!

Adva makes some beautiful quilts using fabric she creates by sewing together selvage edges in a very creative way, like this little bird: 

So when I thought about Adva at that moment, I decided to change direction and make this for her instead, using those selvage edges the way she does, even though I had never done it before.

Here is my collection of selvage edges before I started sewing them together.  

I created 6 triangles,  then tried out various arrangements,
and finally decided to cut 3 of them down to create this layout: 

I selected this background because it looked 'spring-like' which fits the Passover holiday,  and because it was in direct opposition to the snow storm raging outside my window: 

To get a little more definition on the shapes and secure them better,  I hand embroidered the blanket stitch around each piece:

Finally, I constructed the 3 pockets needed to make this a Passover Matzah cover.   I created this offset design, by adding a bright strip of beautifully hand dyed fabric to the edges of the pockets, so they show as stripes on one edge.  Here is a close up of the pockets with matzah inserted:

Final count:  40 different fabrics used in this piece

Adva and I met through quilting, and deepened that friendship through our shared interests in travelling to quilt shows, eating and drinking at nice restaurants,  talking about and watching shows like Amazing Race and Project Runway,  gossiping about those women on the Real Housewives shows, as if we really knew them, and sharing Jewish holidays together in a town that was mostly Christian.     

She has an amazing design aesthetic and can pick colors for a quilt that go together perfectly.  When I moved to New York City 3 years ago, I left behind a great friend.  Making this matzah cover for her and her family is my way of continuing to be with her for the holidays. 

Chag same’ach Chavera Sheri (Happy Holiday my friend)



3/31/18 UPDATE:  Since this project started out as a matzah cover for our table, once I had finished the one for Adva, I started another for myself.  I liked the Spring color palette I used for Adva's, so I made the decorative element in my embroidered style  (it says MATZAH in Hebrew letters)  then created the same offset pockets.  We have seder tonight, so this will be used right away.

Chag Sameach to everyone celebrating Passover    


  1. Your matzah cover is beautiful and so original! If Adva is also in Project Quilting, I know of her, and I think her work is very nice too.

    1. Thanks Janie. Yes, my friend Adva also participates in PQ. Project Quilting is a great way to stretch our creative muscles for a few weeks each year. I look forward to seeing your work too!

  2. What a creative idea! And timely too. Beautiful job

  3. what a beautiful piece! I'm sure Adva and her family will cherish this!

  4. Thanks Kim! I just made another one for myself, "a la Paula" ;-) Happy Easter to your family