Saturday, February 4, 2017

Step Away from the Edge of the Platform

Step Away - The train platforms have a textured strip to warn people about the edge.  As each train approaches, there is an announcement: "Step away from the edge of the platform."

3"x2"   (yes.. inches)
completed on Feb 4, 2017

This very small quilt is made for Project Quilting Season 8 - week 3 with the theme: Texture.   My friend Adva, in California, was talking about being inspired by the raised dots at the curb in front of a store  (here is her quilt called "Bumpy" )   I took this picture, because its similar, but on the train platform in New York City:

I then remembered that I had this variegated thread that looked 'dirty' like the yellow raised dots in the photo:

I started with rows of French knots - and eventually decided to add the shoe tips, to give a sense of where these dots live 'in the wild'.  Once I added a female and male set of shoes, I decided to comment about following rules (regarding standing behind the yellow edge) and following the requests regarding personal space.  One set of shoes tests the edge rules.