Sunday, March 22, 2020

One down, hundreds to go

Crisis face mask.  8" x 3", cotton, modal lining, elastic. 
Completed on 3/22/2020 as my prototype

I'll be sewing as many as possible for healthcare professionals who do not have the PPE (personal protection equipment) they SHOULD have during this coronavirus crisis.   Also for anyone I know who wants one.  Just ask. 

Here is a link to the pattern I'm using:

If you know anyone in a medical setting who is currently rationing masks, please reach out to me.  I know other sewists who would gladly produce these.  They are machine washable, so you can change them throughout the day as needed, then wash. 

These are scary times.  If the disease progression we have seen in Asia and Europe are a guide, we are about to experience a lot of severe illness, extreme social isolation measures, and stress.  A lot of stress.    Making these makes me feel like I'm helping in some small way.  

Ok,  back to the sewing machine. 



  1. Nurses in our area are asking for these. Most of my Quilt Bee have set to work. You created a project that was SEW timely for this challenge!

    1. Scary times! Please let me know if you need more, OR... when your Quilt Bee sewists have time to fill some of my requests too. What a mess.

  2. Thank you for posting the link to this great mask! I love that you used colorful, fun fabric to personalize yours rather than drab fabric with no character. Stay strong and healthy!